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Precision Pilates meets the Barre!

Offering a variety of Barre, Pilates Mat, yoga, and BUTI Yoga classes, our personal attention on form and alignment is coupled with the motivation and encouragement of a group class. Think of it as a private session with your very best friends cheering you on! The challenge you overcome in class leaves you with a calm, centering "body buzz" to carry the rest of your day with ease.
Our Barre Up! classes offer thechallenge of  traditional Lotte Berk barrework with the structure and focus of Pilates and mind-body centering of yoga. Our classes offer the discipline of Pilates under weight-bearing (standing) conditions to get your heart rate going while building lean muscles.  We offer all levels of Barre classes, including Interval Cardio, Essence for new, older or injured clients, Intense to challenge our devoted clients, and 45 Minute Express classes to make the most of your lunch hour.
Buti Yoga is an empowering blend of Plyometrics, Corework, Tribal Dance and Yoga. If you find yourself making a grocery list during yoga class, you simply must experience BUTI. Buti energizes the feminine spirit, obliterates negative thoughts and patterns, and strengthens every fiber of your being!
Leading small classes, most of our professional staff are certified Pilates or Yoga Instructors in addition to Barre. We know you'll appreciate the difference. We have the discipline to generate proper form in our classes and the flexibility to work with a variety of bodies and their necessary modifications.

Community Giving & Sweat Angels 

Our philosophy of making boutique fitness accessible to everyone, involves giving back to our community. You'll notice "free" classes on the schedule at the studio and a variety of Raleigh locations. We'll collect both physical and monetary donations depending on the needs of each charity. We hope all our clients will participate and be inspired to learn more about giving opportunities in our community.
Sweat Angels provides a donation to a "charity of the Month" every time you check in on FaceBook. Check-in every time you sweat, you won't seem like a show-off, you'll be an Angel!

Teacher Trainings
We also have our own signature Barre Up method and offer certifications to fitness professionals in our Raleigh studio, as well as, clubs and fitness centers throughout the region. Our next training is January 27-29 at Barre Up in Raleigh. Please email julie@barre-up.com for more information. Or Register Here

As a host center for Buti yoga trainings, please feel free to contact us or BUTI HQ to inquire about training.
Check in with us for announcement of workshops from Pilates and yoga master teachers throughout the year.

There is never any penalty for customers who late cancel during WCPSS snow days!  After a snow or ice event, please park on the street to avoid the grade in and out of our parking lot.

Our Facebook page will have inclement weather information. Our online schedule is ALWAYS up-to-date.